Have you had the mispleasure of failing a DOT audit?

Have you heard of a friend who has been long in business about the tedious work required to pass a DOT audit?

Have you heard of DOT officers appearing out-of-the-blue for surprise audits?

Have you read the statistics about the unbelievably huge DOT fines for non-compliance?

And lastly, have you ever gone onto the FMCSA website to read how many company are shut down each day due to non-compliance?

Running a trucking company that is DOT, FMCSR and IRS compliant requires a lot of work and effort. However with the proper knowledge and training you can run a company, small or large, with a perfect record and immaculate CSA score. The trouble lies in the fact that most owners are not aware of the requirements. Majority of small company owners don’t even know what CSA score is and how it can be used to predict whether the DOT will stop by for a surprise audit.

Our solution: a series of training seminars, instructional DVDs, online training sessions, our Virtual Office Platform that will help you organize all of the required documents for safe archiving and our professional consulting services for managing truly DOT-compliant trucking company.

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