Unified Carrier Registration or UCR is a program created by federal legislation for registering operators of vehicles engaged in interstate travel. It replaces the old SSRS system (Single State Registration System).

UCR must therefore be paid by each carrier once a year. UCR fees depend on the number of trucks in company fleet and are not dependent on any other factors such as miles driven and the like. UCR must be paid once a year and applies to the following vehicles:

– Vehicles over 10,000 lbs, or

– Vehicles transporting 11 or more passengers, or

– Vehicles with hazardouns waste placarding

It should be noted that UCR, unlike the old SSRS system, is required for all interstate operating commercial motor vehicles NOT just for-hire vehicles. That is, CMVs carrying their own goods across state lines must pay for UCR. Another important point is that even though a carrier physically does not cross state lines (does not travel interstate) – so long as the CMV carries interstate goods (good originating from another state) the carrier must pay for UCR.

All About Trucks provides the following UCR services:

– Annual UCR Payments



  starting at $35  

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