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  • All About Trucks provides a wide range of services for trucking companies across the country. We manage all of the required DOT , FMCSA and state requirements such as taxes, permits, registrations, random testing program and annual renewals. For prospective owners we offer services such as opening authorities, coprorations, and full packages for new companies which include DOT numbers, MC numbers, BOC3, permits and random drug and alcohol program membership.

    Whether you are new to the industry or have been in the business for many years, our services will help you stay organized and in full DOT compliance so that you can concentrate on efficiently managing your company. We will worry about making sure that all of your dues and renewals are completed on time.

    In many ways All About Trucks goes beyond simply providing services to trucking companies. Our customized due date alert system will notify your company’s designated contact about upcoming dues and renewals. We also step ahead of the game in providing the latest DOT and FMCSA news regarding upcoming rules and regulations so that you can conduct preparations and adjusments in your company in due time and ahead of the competition.


    All About Trucks provides a unique approach to providing services to trucking companies. In our many years in business, we have come across too many cases where owners, having failed DOT audits and turned to us for help utter the words “I didn’t know.”

    The infamous quote from the DOT “Not knowing is not an excuse” sums up how much the administration disregards lack of knowledge from new trucking company owners and manager.

    At All About Trucks, we understand that the amount of information that each trucking company (especially new companies) must process and execute is overwhelming. Therefore, we want you to know that our staff is here to help and support you in your everyday business endeavors. We have put tremendous amount of effort to help owners understand DOT, FMCSA & IRS requirements. Instead of just listing our services, we have come up with ways to present the big picture of which service is required for whom. Please familiarize yourself with our Services section. Visit the links for each service to watch short videos providing all the necessary information that you need.

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    IFTA stands for International Fuel Tax Agreement. It is an agreement between the lower 48 states of the United States and the Canadian provinces, to simplify the reporting of fuel use by motor carriers that operate in more than one jurisdiction. Alaska, Hawaii, and the Canadian territories do not participate. An operating carrier with IFTA receives an IFTA license and one decal for each qualifying vehicle it operates. The carrier les a quarterly fuel tax report. This report is used to determine the net tax or refund due and to redistribute taxes from collecting states to states that it is due. A carrier must also purchase IFTA stickers for the truck each year. The sticker fees and deadlines for renewals vary by state.

    IFTA is required for the following vehicles traveling interstate:

    – All Vehicles over 26,000 lbs; and/or
    – Having three or more axles regardless of weight.

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    The International Registration Plan or IRP is an agreement among the Unites States and Canadian Provinces which provides paymnet of registration fees on the basis of total distance operated in all jurisdictions. The reasoning behind the registration plan is to allow a carrier to travel to designated states and provinces even though the vehicle may be registered in only one “base” jurisdiction. As such, carrier then only has one license plate and each vehicle has a cab card indicating the jurisdictions where it can travel.

    IFTA is required for the following vehicles traveling interstate:

    – All Vehicles over 26,000 lbs; and/or
    – Having three or more axles regardless of weight.

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    United Carrier Registration or UCR is a program created by federal legislation for registering operators of vehicles engaged in interstate travel. It replaces the old SSRS system (Single State Registration System).

    UCR must therefore be paid by each carrier once a year. UCR fees depend on the number of trucks in company eet and are not dependent on any other factors such as miles driven and the like. UCR must be paid once a year and applies to the following vehicles:

    – Vehicles over 10,000 lbs, or
    – Vehicles transporting 11 or more passengers, or
    – Vehicles with hazardouns waste placarding

    It should be noted that UCR, unlike the old SSRS system, is required for all interstate operating commercial motor vehicles NOT just for-hire vehicles.

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    Heavy Highway Use Tax or HUT or 2290 Tax (since Form 2290 is used to pay the tax) is a federal tax imposed on vehicles having a taxable gross weight. The tax applies to all trucks, tracktors and buses. Vehicles traveling 5,000 miles or less on the public highway system are exempt from the tax. Otherwise, the tax applies to the following vehicles:

    – All Commercial Motor Vehicles with gross weight of 55,000 lbs or more

    Heavy Highway Use Tax must be paid each year. The tax period spans from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. The tax amount does not depend on the number of miles drien. It is based on the weight
    of the CMV.

    All About Trucks provides the following HUT Services:

    – Annual Highway Use Tax Filings.

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    There are different types of permits that commercial motor vehicle owners must worry about including: trip permits, fuel permits, oversize permits and mileage permits. The most common of which are the mileage permits noteably for the states of Kentucky, New Mexico, New York and Oregon. Each of these states has its own requirement about when permits must be purchased and how long they will be valid

    -Kentucky: Permits are purchased only once and never have to be renewd. Required for trucks over 60,000 lbs.
    -New Mexico: Permits must be renewed every year usually by January 1st. Required for trucks over 26,000 lbs.
    -New York: Permits must be renewed every 3 years and the renewal date depends on when you first purchase the permit. Required for trucks over 18,000 lbs.
    -Oregon: Permits must be purchased along with a bond. Per-trip permits are also available. Required for trucks over 26,000 lbs.

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    An operating authority allows a driver to become a carrier (as there are no more registrants) and drive under his own DOT # and have a CSA profile. Almost always required especially for IRS purposes a carrier with an authority also must incorporate – open a corporation. This will allow a carrier to hire drivers, le taxes under his business and detour legal responsibilities from his own person to the company.

    At All About Trucks we offer a complete series of services associated with authorities. Unlike many companies which just open authorities or corporations, we walk with you the entire path from opening an authority to legally running your company. As a consulting firm, we prepare a special corporate binder for you with all the DOT, IRS and State requirements and forms for you to manage as you run the company. We will also register your company in Random Drug & Alcohol consortium per DOT requirements. All of this done under one roof. This is the All About Trucks advantage.

    Our Authority Services Include:
    – US Authority
    – Canadian Authority
    – DOT #
    – MC #
    – BOC3
    – MC 150
    – Corporations
    – SaferSys (CSA) Company Updates.

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    Have you had the mispleasure of failing a DOT audit?
    Have you heard of a friend who has been long in business about the tedious work required to pass a DOT audit?
    Have you heard of DOT officers appearing out-of-the-blue for surprise audits?
    Have you read the statistics about the unbelievably huge DOT nes for non-compliance?
    And lastly, have you ever gone onto the FMCSA website to read how many company are shut down each day due to non-compliance?
    Running a trucking company that is DOT, FMCSR and IRS compliant requires a lot of work and effort. However with the proper knowledge and training you can run a company, small or large, with a perfect record and immaculate CSA score. The trouble lies in the fact that most owners are not aware of the requirements. Majority of small company owners don’t even know what CSA score is and how it can be used to predict whether the DOT will stop by for a surprise audit.

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    The All About Trucks Virtual Office is an online platform for trucking companies to manage:

    – Drivers & Employees
    – Trucks & Equipment
    – Random Drug & Alcohol Test Selections (company pool only)
    – DOT-Required Document Archiving
    – Service Reports
    – Sta & Equipment Reports
    – Immediate Service Requests for:
    – IFTA Accounts & Renewals
    – IRP First Time & Renewals
    – UCR
    – HUT 2290
    – Permits
    – Authorities
    All services requested with a click of a mouse!

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Don’t ever hesitate to contact us if you are uncertain about which services you are required to complete.

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